On the Agenda 3 – A new international trade order?


From national economies and companies slowing their activities down tothe revival of some protectionist measures, the world is facing an unprecedented crisis deeply affectingthe current international trade order. At a time when trade negotiations between the EU and third countries are still very high on the agenda, Europe’s economic revival depends also on how we redefine our relations with partners across the globe. Faced by instability on the other side of the Atlantic and competition from China, Europe needsto be clear about defining its values and its comparative advantage.
In addition to the ongoing ratification of Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Vietnam, to the question of the future EU-UK relationship, Covid-19 has brought several new questions to the fore: How do we keep supply chains flowing for food and medicines? What role can the EU have in distributing its values and standards within the framework of difficult trade relations? How do we ensure less dependence in Europe for some essential products such as medical supplies?

Time: 09:30-10:30 (CEST)

Opening remarks by:
Daniel Kaddik, Executive Director, European Liberal Forum

Moderated by:
Beatriz Ríos, EU Affairs Reporter

Speakers include:
Samira Rafaela, MEP, Renew Europe group
Gerard Pogorel, Emeritus Professor of Economics
Melanie Vogelbach, Managing Director of the International Economic Policy Department, DIHK

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