On the Agenda – Securing the future of ePrivacy regulation


Since the coronavirus pandemic started in December 2019 and since many people started working from home, more and more questions about our ePrivacy rights started to (re)appear. Therefore, it was to be expected for the Council to agree on its negotiating mandate for revised rules on the protection of privacy confidentiality in the use of electronic communications services. The Portuguese presidency can finally start talks with the European Parliament on the text of the future ePrivacy regulation, which is expected to complement the GDPR.  
How will these negotiations go? What will be the main points of contention between the Council and the Parliament? Will this new regulation be powerful only in writing or will it have enough power to make a difference on the ground? How will end-users and private entities be affected by these new rules? Can the EU learn anything from the USA in terms of online privacy enforcement?  

Speakers will be announced shortly.

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