Environmentalism+Capitalism Book Presentation

Presentation of the Book: “Environmentalism + Capitalism: Happy Growth”

28 October 2021 | 10.00 – 13.30 (CET)  | Ensana Grand Margaret Island, Zielinski Szilard Stny., Budapest, Hungary 


With the announcement of a “European Green Deal”, the President of the European Commission von der Leyen opened a new season of great attention for environmental issues to which an equally high and above all qualified attention from the liberal forces must correspond. To be incisive, a European agenda for the environment must incorporate social and economic concerns, taking into account national and local particularities, and learn from failures and market distortions caused by previous policies in the field. 

This event aims at fostering an inclusive debate on an economical-ecological transition within the European Union, through the use of market instruments and technological innovation. Studying best practices adopted at a national level and national/territorial particularities both in the field of ecological innovation and economic-social inclusion, with a particular emphasis on people at risk of poverty or social exclusion as women, should allow for the formulation of policy proposals of happy growth as well as a major awareness among European citizens of the necessity of opportunities of such a transition. 

The event consists of the presentation of the book “Environmentalism + Capitalism: Happy Growth“, published by the European Liberal Forum in cooperation with Fondazione Luigi Einaudi and Indìtsuk Be Magyarorszàgot Foundation. The authors of the book will discuss the ecological-economic transition within the European Union, through the use of market instruments and technological innovation. 

Speakers include:

  • Professor Marco Mariani, University of Roma La Sapienza
  • Dr. Patrizia Feletig, Journalist covering technology and environment
  • Dr. Balasz IvanicsGeologist
  • Prof. Ornella TarolaUniversity of Roma La Sapienza
  • Szabolcz Sober, Indìtsuk Be Magyarorszàgot Foundation 

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Environmentalism+Capitalism Book Presentation

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