Roundtable – the future European refugee responsibility-sharing


“This closed roundtable is initiating the project “The future European refugee responsibility-sharing”. This project aims to contribute to a more liberal European approach on immigration and asylum and help policymakers make decisions based on research and facts. At the end of the project a study written by Bernd Parusel, Ph.D., will suggest reforms needed at EU level to deal with irregular and mixed migration in a more credible, sustainable and solution-oriented manner without compromising the right to asylum or its own values. Apart from responsibility-sharing, the study will also entail themes such as the harmonisation of the decision-making on asylum seekers, access of asylum seekers to the EU and cooperation with countries outside the EU.

The focus of the roundtable will partially lie on topics such as the main problems of the common European asylum system (CEAS) today, suggestions of potential future scenarios, and whether a true CEAS is possible without a responsibility-sharing system. The purpose of the discussion is to get input on both the current situation and possible solutions from policy makers, agency representatives and scholars. By discussing the topics above under less formal circumstances at the beginning of the project we hope to create a constructive dialogue and come up with concrete proposals on how to move forward with new reforms related to responsibility sharing and EU refugee policies.

Time: 13:00-16:00 (CEST)

Bernd Parusel
Therese Lindström

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