“Stop Hate” Study Visit – Hate Speech in Greece, Hate Speech in Europe


Populists parties are succeeding all over Europe. They are growing in all member states, including those that not long time ago seemed safe and free of them. Their representation in the EP is significant. In some cases they are more than Euro-sceptic and anti-establishment movements, but they are extreme right parties that are officially inspired by totalitarian regimes. One thing that many of them have in common is their rhetoric and language. For many of them hate speech is a immanent component of their identity. By offending others they attract voters. By verbally discriminating and humiliating entire groups they show their contempt for political correctness and fundaments of liberal democracy.

This study visit is a follow-up event of the « Stop Hate Summer Camp » workshop in Warsaw, where a group of liberal experts in antidiscrimination analysed the hatred discourse of populist movements and radical groups in EU memebr states. The study visit in Thessaloniki will create a space for discussion on hate speech and hate crimes, especially the one coming from the Left of the political landscape, with Greek politicians, memebrs of academia and civil society.

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