Stop the Waste! Liberal perspectives on Climate Change

Climate change is the defining issue of our time and now is the defining moment to do something about it. From personal choices to governmental agendas nowadays everyone can make a mark on how the future will look like and there is still time to face the climate change challenge.

EU has long been a champion in the climate fight and in order to remain that way it needs to set the example and set up a specific agenda for the next EU term. While reducing emissions, creating frameworks towards new forms of mobility and promoting sustainable growth have been identified and established as ways forward, the new Commission faces same old questions of implementation of its policies at national and regional levels – to what extent do states define concrete measures to reach the climate goals?  Do civil society and non-governmental organizations can really affect the national climate agendas? Similarly, when discussing the climate change at the international level, questions arise how does the EU tackle the climate challenges in its foreign relations with the heavy polluters such as India or China? Is it necessary to include established environmental deals as the Paris Agreement in future trade negotiations? These and further questions will be the focus of the debate and will offer discussion on what measures liberals need to take to stop the waste and overcome the climate change challenge.

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