Tell Me Your Story – Secrets of Storytelling In Campaigning (3/4)

The meeting that took place in Wrocław on 26-27th of May, 2018, and it was a third and last workshop of a series called “Tell Me Your Story”, developed in Poland in 2018. The main objective of this project is to exchange knowledge and experience of liberal parties in building a permanent engagement with citizens and a successful permanent campaign based on storytelling and emotions. More precisely, a well-established political party – which has proven to be successful in advocating liberal solutions nonstop – will be matched with a rather new start-up party. Hence, both will be in the position to learn from each other, in terms of developing strategies to effectively engage with citizens and keep on doing so throughout election cycles. Consequently, the outcomes will benefit parties in future elections, especially the European elections of 2019.

Over 20 participants, campaign organizer from Central Europe participated in this event. The event started with a workshop on campaign organization run by Adam Szłapka MP, Secretary General of Nowoczesna and former director at Projekt: Polska Foundation, who explained about the differences of political and social campaigns and how pople from think tanks/NGOs can learn from political parties and vice versa. The main workshops were run by political communication advisor Jowita Kacik. She run two sessions: on political  psychology and on new urban campaigning. Both focused on emotional campaigning- advised the participants on how to build a personal and organizational message to be more appealing for their target group, with special stress on wording, and visual event organizations. The latter part was run by Robert Rafalowski, a data protection expert, who explained how the GDPR will influence campaigning. It was the most technical part of the event but became very interactive. Since participants had many questions it lasted one hour more than expected. The event was closed by Milosz Hodun, international officer of Projekt: Polska, who evaluated

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