The relevance of the migration issue in political campaigns

On 22 November 2018 Republikon Institute organised the conference called ‘New European Perspectives on Migration’ in cooperation with ELF. The first section consisted of three presentations given by Žilvinas Šilėnas (president, Lithuanian Free Market Institute), Ágnes Hárs (senior researcher, Kopint-Tárki), and Nils Erik Forsgård (Think Thank Magma). The presentations discussed migration, especially migration from non-European countries, from a labour market perspective. At the end, the three researchers reflected on each other’s presentations and answered questions from the audience; this session was moderated by Csaba Tóth (ELF Board Member, Director of Strategy at Republikon Institute). The second section was a debate between Balázs Orbán (Parliamentary State Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office) and Péter Niedermüller (S&D MEP, DK).This session, moderated by Dániel Mikecz (Republikon Institute), revolved around the topics of immigration, the refugee crisis, and demographic concerns in Hungary.

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