[Thinking Aloud] Limited Voting Rights, Golden Passports And Brexit – How To Make Eu Citizenship Future-Proof


Europeans possess two levels of citizenship: national and European citizenship. But what does it really mean in our daily lives? Going further than solely creating a feeling of common belonging, EU citizenship grants a whole set of fundamental rights to Europeans. To date, European citizenship is a worldwide unique concept. However, a recent report by the European Parliament evaluated its substantive effects for average citizens as very limited, underlining the need for reform and joint efforts for a full use of EU citizenship provisions. Building onto this untapped potential, this event seeks to gather innovative thinkers, citizens’ lobbyists and European politicians around the question of how to make EU citizenship future-proof.

The event accompanies the launch of the ELF publication “To be or not to be – EU Citizenship”, supported by Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Brussels.

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