Who do you punish when a robot breaks the law?

Whose fault is it if AI discriminates or makes a mistake? And how come the European Union is key when it comes to protecting integrity and privacy when it comes to big data? And which legal resources does a start-up company really need?

Join our seminar and panel discussion on The importance of Rule of Law in AI, digitalisation and startups on Friday 22nd November at 15.00. Organised in cooperation with Agenda.

Opening remarks: Anna-Maja Henriksson, Minister of Justice, Finland

Keynote speech: Professor Kimmo Nuotio, University of Helsinki

Kimmo Nuotio is a professor of criminal law at the University of Helsinki. He has been involved in the founding of the China Law Centre as well as the Legal Tech Lab at the Faculty of Law of the University of Helsinki. He has been a Jean Monnet Fellow at the European University Institute and he is the member of Global Faculty of the Faculty of Law of the University of Beijing.

After the keynote speech, there will be a panel of Finnish and European policymakers and startup entrepreneurs, discussing the topic.

On the panel:

Kalle Palling, Co-founder of usage-based insurance platform Cachet. He is also a former MP and Chair of European Union Affairs Committee in the Parliament of Estonia.

Nora Rosendahl, Start-up entrepreneur and working on a doctoral dissertation on the future of work at Aalto University. In addition, she has received the prestigious Bracken Bower Prize for young authors, awarded by the Financial Times and McKinsey & Company, for her book proposal Mental Meltdown.

Joakim Strand MP (SFP), Chair of the Committee for the Future in the Finnish Parliament

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