Young Liberals Running for Europe

This two day workshop organised by European Liberal Forum brought together LYMEC Individual Members to equip them with tools to take part in the 2019 European elections and raise the number of young people actively engaged in politics on the grassroots level. The ultimate goal was to increase the voter turnout by raising awareness of liberal values among young people who are engaged in politics on a European level, while not necessarily being active in a national party.

LYMEC Vice President Edgaras Mascinskas welcomed everybody and opened the event. Mascinskas made a short introduction about LYMEC and the IMS programme. Then the participants went on and introduced themselves briefly, while stating their intentions from this two day event.

LYMEC Secretary General Danica Vihinen was in charge of the first session ‘Setting the stage: Campaign examples from youth organizations over Europe’. Mascinskas made a comparative analysis of the social media campaigns of LYMEC and the ALDE Party, which while they may be targeting different audiences, the use similar tactics and see similar results. A debate followed.

The second day kicked off with  D66 Policy Officer in the Dutch Parliament Caroline Verduin, with a presentation on ‘Getting the vote out – the role of grassroots in increasing the voter turnout’. LYMEC President Svenja Hahn took over the next session ‘Argumentation Training – Winning the Discussion’. She presented the ‘Golden Circle’.

LYMEC Campaign Officer Deimante Rimkute was in charge of the workshop ‘Developing ideas on how individuals can campaign on different levels’. She explained that a good strategy requires analysis. Verduin was in charge of the last session about ‘Social Media basics for campaigning’, with main interest on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

The event ended with a general discussion with the participants and the LYMEC Bureau, moderated by LYMEC Treasurer Lena Hoglund, talking about impressions during the seminar, conclusions and ideas, as well as feedback by the participants. Hahn thanked everyone for being part of the event.

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