Young Liberals Running for Europe: The Liberal Fightback

Polls going up and down is not unheard of but rather part of the given in politics. However, when low polls are turned into a low voter turnout and ultimately not making it into parliament, the problems begin. Either you fight back, stronger and better than before, or you vanish for good. This seminar focused on the story of the liberal fight back and how young liberals from all over Europe can learn from and be empowered by the experience of in particular the FDP.

The event kicked off on Thursday 5 April with a welcome speech by LYMEC Vive President Svenja Hahn and LYMEC Secretary General Danica Vihinen. Later on, Annelou van Egmond (D66) talked about the rebranding of liberal parties.  She explained what a political crisis is and described her own political crisis with D66 in 2006. She explained what D66 did. She later presented the liberal challenges and ‘must do’s ’. For the next session, Marco Buschmann (FDP) talked about the FDP’s new communication strategy. In 2013, the FDP got 4.8% and dropped out of the parliament. He explained what they did in order to get back in. LYMEC Digital Officer Kevin Tammearu opened the second day.Tjark Thönsen (FDP/JuLis) talked about Grassroot campaigning and creative solutions. He spoke about the FDP campaign and what they wanted to achieve. LYMEC Campaign and Communication Officer Edgaras Mascinskas moderated the second session on Friday. Ruben Viñuelas (Ciudadanos) spoke about the situation between Spain and Catalonia. He presented the Spanish Constitution and explained how they arrived to the current situation. Stefan Windberger (NEOS) talked about political entrepreneurship in Austria. He explained the political situation in Austria until 2011-12 which was mostly standstill. Hahn closed the event.

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