Young liberals taking charge of Europe – Learning by doing

This two-day seminar organized by European Liberal Forum brought together LYMEC Individual members and representatives from LYMEC’s Member Organizations, to learn and think about the challenges that the digital transformation brings to society. The emphasis of the lectures and workshop lie in education and the labour market. How can we cope with the changes and use them in combination with modern education to further develop European societies and tackle income and social inequalities.
Rémy Guastalli, the International political officer from the hosting Jeunes Radicaux and Danica Vihinen, Secretary General of LYMEC opened the seminar and welcomed everyone. Afterwards Fores’ Deputy Director of Digital Society, Robin Vetter gave an intro to his workshop for the next day. Several questions were worked out, in which the participants should think about. The main question was if the current education and school methods still cope with societal needs.
The following day Jeunes Radicauxs president Henry Dupas welcomed the participants. Marc Mossé, the Senior Director EU Government Affairs from Microsoft gave the presentation. He talked about the opportunities of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it’s challenges and how to make sure it will benefit everyone to create a better society. ALDE-groups policy advisor, Thierry Masson spoke about the development of the digital agenda and AI within the member states and the European Union. According to him, a European strategy for digital cooperation, research and development is needed. Every country should specialise in a certain topic, thus creating more trust and stronger relations between the member states.

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