Executive Director speaks at EUCA’s conference “Message to Europeans”

ELF’s Executive Director, Daniel Kaddik, speaks today at the European University College Association‘s conference “Message to Europeans 3.0“. He took part to the Expert feedback on students’ proposals.

“Discussing the future of the EU must lie in the hands of the young generation in Europe. They want to shape where we want to go with the EU, not taking it for granted or seeing it as a pure necessity. With this they proof the value of the Union that so many claim to be missing. It should be a wakeup call”, says Daniel Kaddik ahead of his participation.

Message to Europeans aims to inspire young people’s civic engagement via an innovative methodology of debate based on experiential learning activities that strengthen their civic identity, critical thinking, communication skills and promotes leadership in civic life. Through debates, simulations, local civic initiatives, and mock trials, University students from 12 countries discussed in 5 events pan-European issues like migration crisis, populism, economic crisis, future of Europe.

After holding events in Warsaw, Budapest, The Hague, Ljubljana and Rome, the project arrives in Brussels. At these events, around 60 participants, young people from more than 12 EU countries, will be engaged in several activities spanning from simulations, mock trials, British Parliamentary debates to PechaKuchas. This innovative methodology will allow an engaging reflection on the most urgent issues and pressing topics, inspiring young people’s civic engagement. A modern online presence will work in parallel.

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