Goodbye – Susanne Hartig’s Letter to Members, Friends and Partners of ELF

October 30th was the last day of Susanne Hartig as ELF Executive Director. On this occasion, she wrote a letter to all members, friends and partners of ELF.

Dear members, friends and partners of the European Liberal Forum!

An adventure is coming to an end. Today is my last day at ELF! I am proud to have served the foundation for a decade, having breathed new life into the idea of liberal networking among political foundations and think tanks across Europe. It was a truly inspiring journey. Inspiring due to the many extraordinary, courageous liberals and liberal minded folks I met on the way. I would like to thank you today for the support you have given me. It was essential for driving ELF forward and it also allowed me to progress personally.

Encouraged by many of you, I have started a new venture, a consultancy which specialises in facilitating transatlantic communication and dialogue named anchor21With this focus, I will continue to serve the European liberal family in times of serious challenges to the liberal world order. Please feel free to contact me at susannehartig[at] My base camp will remain Brussels.

Here you find more details on anchor21. Targeted transatlantic outreach is important when setting out to forge new alliances in a world characterised by rapid and vast changes in the economy, politics, and society. The importance of political dialogue against the backdrop of politically-motivated cyber threats and digital disinformation cannot be overemphasised.

We assist you in creating a direct, insightful public private people dialogue with relevant stakeholders from governments, political parties, business, the media, think tanks, and civil society.

We offer to connect you with local, regional, and state governments as well as with community initiatives, local networks, start-ups and middle-sized companies.

We enable you:
⁃ to gain valuable insights from best practice exchange with experts and practitioners;
⁃ to bring public policy issues of your concern closer to stakeholders;
⁃ to establish a strong transatlantic network with reliable partners.

We support you in fine-tuning your transatlantic relations, focussing on opportunities in a challenging 21st century.


Wishing you all the best for the future!

Auf Wiedersehen, goodbye, Glück auf!


Kind regards,


Founder & Executive Director


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