Interview with MEP Frederick Federley

Earlier in March, you attended the ELF Expert Forum on Climate Policies in your home country, Sweden. Could you share with us your impressions about this initiative? How shall Liberals to capitalise on these expert forums?

The ELF Expert Forum on Climate Policies was a very good and important initiative. I strongly believe that we have a lot to learn from one and other. We need good ideas from progressive liberals that are working hours on end for a greener environment

The liberal family is growing in force all around Europe. We see more and more politicians from liberal parties gaining momentum and getting elected into important offices. This means that the different types of experiences are getting better and better. To capitalise best on these expert forums I think it is important to want to learn and share and do it with an open mind.

Also, you recently spoke at a group of eager Liberals, who will hopefully lead a Liberal Europe after 2019 EP elections. From your personal experience, what was the most important takeaway you shared with them? What is the key for being a successful liberal MEP?

A successful liberal MEP does not close his or her eyes to the real problems in society; on the contrary, the focus is set on solving them. A good liberal MEP should embrace optimism. When others spread concerns, we should create security. When others take xenophobia, we choose humanity. But a successful liberal MEP is also a master of compromises and creating good legislation.

2018 is the year before the EP elections, which means the last year of your mandate. What do you have in store for this final year? What are your priorities?

It’s going to be a hectic final year. My priorities have mainly been climate and environmental policy, animal welfare and agriculture. 2018 will see a lot of work in creating better solutions for more renewable energy in Europe, combating the spread of antimicrobial resistance and making sure that the new agricultural policy is as good as can be.

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