Liberal White Book Europe 2030

Liberal White Book Europe 2030: The Roadmap for a liberal Europe and how to get there

The European Liberal Forum is hosting a series of expert discussions dedicated on the most pressing issues of the future, on the road to a Europe that is more free, more fair and more liberal. We are drawing together these conclusions into a Liberal White Book Europe for 2030. This publication will influence decision-makers and shape liberal discussions about the future.

The topics, ranging from democracy and trade to digitalisation and security, are developed by top experts such as Simon Hix, Professor at LSE and Renaud Dehousse, President of the European University Institute, and will be informing policies for decades to come.

The role of ELF

The European Liberal Forum is the custodian putting together each chapter of the Liberal White Book with the highest involvement of stakeholders from European and national politics, academia, policy-making and civil society. In this participatory process, contemporary issues are being addressed in collaboration with ELF’s member organisations, who provide valuable insight from the national level.

The Liberal White Book Europe 2030

Once the process is finalised, the Liberal White Book will be widely shared among liberal circles and will reach wider audiences through a Digital Roadshow in 2021.

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