Jaroslav has been working in logistics for several years as Key Account Manager for private companies, before becoming a Member of Parliament in Czech Republic in October 2017. As a member of the Chamber of Deputies he is also a Deputy Chairperson of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and a member of the Committee on European Affairs.

Michiel is a policy advisor for the Belgian liberal party Open Vld. He mainly works on the topics of foreign policy, EU affairs and trade.

Jaroslav, Michiel, why did you join #TransatlanticLab 2018?

Jaroslav: “I have joined the #TLAB because of several reasons. First of all because of my work. I am MP here in Czech Republic and also Deputy Chairperson of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and member of the Committee on Europen Affairs. I am very interested in foreign policies, diplomacy and cooperation. I feel that US and EU should be the main partners and our relationship should be strengthened and we have to work on it even when we have situation like the current one. We have to put on the table our expiriences in diferrent areas and industries and share it. We should focus on good and functional solutions from each country.”

Michiel: “#TLAB looks like a great opportunity to learn about how international issues are viewed on the other side of the Atlantic and to get to know people who work on the same issues as myself in both Europe and the US.”

What are your expectations?

Jaroslav: “My expectations are to get new valid experince from all the attendants and speakers. I am looking forward to get the knowledge from the others work and also to share my opinions with the others. I am very interested in global trade and how the US colleagues see the EU as a partner and what we can learn from them and also what we can offer.”

Michiel: “I am most excited about the discussions on trade. This is a hot issue at the moment and will continue to play an important role in my work for the coming years. I have also never been to Washington before so I’m looking forward to seeing the city.”

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