Mr. Hans van Mierlo Stichting

The Mr. Hans van Mierlo Stichting works as a broker of knowledge, expertise and ideas for the Dutch progressive liberal Party D66 (Democrats66). With four staff members, the main focus of our work is to deepen and develop our liberal democratic thought.

Our Foundation was originally founded in 1974 when it served as a traditional research centre. At the turn of the 20th century, our approach changed to that of a broker, but our aim has remained the same: to spur debate and develop ideas that strengthen the intellectual profile of D66. In doing so, the Foundation tries to maintain a long term view, placing political issues in a broader (ideological) perspective.

Nowadays, the organisation employs dozens of volunteers, working on projects varying from policy advice to fundamental studies of the basic social liberal principles. We also publish a quarterly magazine called ‘Idee’ (Idea).

Furthermore, we act as secretary to D66’s permanent programme commission, which is responsible for drafting (preliminary studies for) the party manifestos for both national and European elections.


Address: Postbus 660, 2501 CR The Hague, The Netherlands
Phone: + 31 70 35 66 06 6