The future is here.

Self-driving cars have made their way into the streets, there are robots that can help to do the dishes, and social media has fundamentally changed the way we socialise, mobilise and organise. At the same time, questions are being raised about the social and ethical implications of these developments. This book puts the citizens at the centre of the digitalisation debate by exploring how we can make the most of the opportunities of digitalisation, while ensuring that it is a force for good for every citizen. We explore a number of the issues needed to consider in order to achieve this.

What can we expect from the AI revolution? How can Europe construct an education system which is fit for the digital era? How to transform our cities into ‘Smart Cities’? And how can we safeguard a stable place for the Liberal movement in the digital era? This publication makes a Liberal contribution to one of the most defining political issues of our time, that of the digital transformation of our societies. For a liberal society of the future, it is crucial that we put the freedom, opportunities and abilities of the citizens at the centre of the debate about this transformation.

Authors: Erik Liss, Natalia Mileszyk, Ciprian Negoiță, Deimante Rimkute, Alek Tarkowski, Dr Csaba Toth, Robin Vetter

Editor: Erik Liss

Year: 2018

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