Year: 2021

Editors: Gian Marco Bovenzi and Federico Sampalmieri

ISBN: 978-2-39067-016-2

Global warming. Climate change. Air, water, and soil pollution. Deforestation. Collective health. Animal and wildlife endangerment. And the list could go on. We refer to all those problems generally associated to the perceived global threats associated with the environment, and the need that the governments and the policymakers throughout the world adopt environmentally-friendly policies. Summarising, the “happy growth” deriving from the synthesis of environmentalism and capitalism is achievable through a technical and rational approach fostering growth and refusing the concept of anti-consumerism. In this regard, it is essential not to be driven by a mere emotional pro-environment ideology, and the role played by the media in delivering such a message in order to “drive” the public debate in this direction is crucial.

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