Since 1994, Finland and Sweden have been partners with NATO but never applied for full membership in the Alliance. For most European countries, membership both in the EU and NATO go hand-in-hand. The total population of the European Union is some 508 million, yet only 31 million or 6% of EU citizens live in a non-NATO country. For Europeans and Americans to better understand NATO debate, we have produced this publication: “Finland, Sweden & NATO – Did Trump Change Everything?”. We also want to examine if Donald Trump’s one-year-long Presidency has affected the NATO debate in Finland and Sweden. This publication sheds light on the historic background of Finland and Sweden, and also examines how Trump’s one year in power has affected the debate on NATO in the respective countries.

Authors: Anna Kronlund, Magnus Christiansson, Karlijn Jans, Andras Simonyí and Nils Torvalds.

Editor: Jaan Siitonen

Organisation: SBF 

year: 2017

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