Year: 2021

ISBN: 978-83-936110-9-6

Authors: Dr Krzysztof Mączka, Dr Maciej Milewicz and Dr Miłosz Hodun

Editors: Andrea Virág and Dr Dániel Mikecz

Fear is a dominant political tool often used to influence and manipulate societyIthe case of Poland and Hungary, fear-inducing narratives are being used by the populist leaders but also, on a different tone, by the democratic opposition, including liberals, with the objective of securing electoral victories. 

This publication offers an analysis of fear-based discourses in Poland and Hungary among government and liberal opposition supporters. The authors draw on interviews and workshops to identify and describe different narratives and understand who is influenced by the fears, how people perceive them, and how fear inducing arguments are justified, explained and rationalised 

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