Year: 2020
ISBN: 978-2-9602333-5-3

Authors: Vanchov Dimitar; Dimitrovksa Teodora; Furjan Adrijana; Marković Luka; Bodulović Nikola; Vesić Željka; Jovanović Stefan; Žudić Jasmina and Kolar Sanela
Editors: Amina Efendić & Faris Šehović

Many social problems that are present in the South East Europe (SEE), such as unemployment, low political participation and migration, high brain drain, the highest unemployment rates of youth in Europe and the lowest rates of political participation of young people are particularly visible when it comes to youth, as they are a special social category. All these problems require a systematic approach and thorough analysis which can result in needed change and progress.
The “Civic Platform for Young Liberal Activists” (CPLA) is a project organized by European Liberal Forum with the support of the Center Party International Foundation (CIS), Haya van Someren Stichting/VVD Internationaal and Boris Divkovic Foundation. The aim of this project is to provoke interest of youth in political activism, within the broad spectrum of civil society including political parties, NGOs and social movements. Liberal political NGOs of South-East Europe gathered young representatives of liberal political parties with one goal – to raise awareness of youth activism. As a part of the project tasks, teams had to write Opinion Pieces on a chosen topic that is relevant for their county, but also for the region. Due to the restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, teams did not have the opportunity to meet in person, however, their strong will and joint goals resulted in a publication named “The Voice of Youth”.
The objectives of this project are to provoke and raise awareness among the youth on the importance of, not only their political participation, but also on their very much needed political activism. Youth is a group that is often marginalized in policymaking, and to encourage their empowerment, they need to stay united and articulate the problems they are facing sharply. Therefore, the project that resulted in “The Voice of Youth” is given to the participants of CPLA as a tool to write about the issues that they have recognized as problems in their societies.

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