The Western Balkans – A Chance for the EU


This paper was written by Naša Stranka (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Liberal Democratic Party of North Macedonia, Liberal Party of Montenegro, Civic Platform (Serbia) and Nova Stranka (Serbia) as a final product of the EU Mentorship Programme for the liberal parties of the Western Balkans created by Boris Divkovic Foundation and D66 Internationaal, supported by NEOS Lab and the European Liberal Forum.

Year: 2019

The EU accession process needs adaptations and improvements to provide more clarity, support and realistic perspectives for the aspiring members. The perspective of the Western Balkans states on the further development of the accession process is comparatively underrepresented in the day-to-day debate on EU enlargement. Therefore, representatives of five liberal parties who are active in the above-mentioned states have compiled this short paper on their opinion on possible adjustments in the accession process speaking from their own experience as policy makers.

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