Coping with climate change – risks and opportunities for liberal economies and society


Climate change has been an unstoppable process that has taken place for many years due to increased emissions from societal and economical development. One of the biggest challenges today is to find solutions to lessen climate change or even better – trying to stop it. It has been a difficult topic for liberal minded political parties and governments because most of the solutions that have been brought up come along with restricting aspects – higher taxes, fewer opportunities, more commanding rules for businesses and private life.

We believe that climate change is a new window for successful solutions and opportunities for our economies to grow and develop. With the right mindset, climate change can be outmatched with smart and liberal ways giving citizens a better and longer life on planet earth.

The event would consist of two parts: keynote speech from a European Commissioner Simson and open panel with politicians and experts. It will end with a networking lunch.

The outcome of the event would be a press release including 3 new ideas to fight with climate change. We will have other cooperational partners from other european countries and also the involvement of young baltic liberals as audience – which means that new ideas and solutions could be spread around the europe including LYMEC/Renew Europe.

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