P2P Summer Academy 

30 October – 1 November | ​Catania, Italy


In the time of populism, nationalism and radical movements politicians tend to be in the spotlight. They are seen as most important fighters for liberal values and European integration. But we should not forget about liberal foundations and think tanks that are doing painstaking work at the backstage, delivering ideas and stimulating civil society’s activism. 

P2P Summer Academy is a peer-to-peer capacity building space for liberal think tanks and foundations. It will support them in re-thinking activities, evaluating their work, learning new skills on how to work better and communicate more effectively with their audience. It will be a space for multifaceted development, especially for smaller organizations. 

The main objective of P2P Summer Academy is to exchange knowledge and experience of liberal foundations and think tanks as in building a successful organization. P2P Summer Academy will create a safe space for representatives of liberal foundations and think tanks to exchange ideas, reflect on their own development, and plan adjustments/further steps. It will also give representatives of these organizations opportunities to learn from top experts. 

In this first edition of the Summer Academy we will focus on three topics: fundraising, implementation and evaluation of projects.

P2P Summer Academy will consist of three sessions: 

  1. On fundraising. Online/hybrid, 4-6 June  
  2. On project implementation. Rome, 19-21 July
  3. On project evaluation. Warsaw, 15-17 August
  4. On organisational development. Catania, 30 October – 1 November

Workshop 1 already took place and it was dedicated to project fundraising.

Workshop 2 will be dedicated to project implementation. An implementation plan is based on the seven simple steps focusing on an implementation plan for a project with the creation of the detailed description of actions that demonstrate how to implement an activity within the project in the context of achieving the objectives, addressing the requirements, and meeting the organisation’s and donor expectations.

Target group. We are looking for representatives of liberal think tanks and foundations responsible for the overall design, development and implementation of strategic plans for the organization (e.g. executive directors and their assistants, board members, general managers). Preference will be given to small organizations and organizations declaring full participation in all three meetings.  

Workshop 3 will be dedicated to project evaluationParticipants will learn how to understand the progress, success, and effectiveness of a project.

Workshop 4 will be a master class for the most active participants who completed the P2P Summer Academy and have proven their interest in further organizational development. This event will be composed of practical exercises built on knowledge learned during previous sessions and individual development activities planned by trainers for each participant. 


(*) Organizers may change dates and venues depending on the Covid-19 pandemic situation.  

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