The Developing Platform Economy: Innovation, Liability and Policy Challenges

The one-day workshop at Fores in Stockholm gathered researchers and experts in the field to collaboratively pinpoint and address the most pressing aspects of data-driven platform economies, all within the ongoing ELF-project on Developing Platform Economies[1]

The event took place between 09:30 and 15:15 with about 16 participants from Fores, member organizations in ELF, project collaborator NEOS lab, as well as researchers and policy-experts from Stockholm, Malmö and Warsaw as well as representatives from a major platform company.

The first half-day held presentations of ongoing work with the report that will be published late November, moderated by Stefan Larsson and with questions from the audience. We utilized a service called Menti during the talk, to collect questions for later.

Stefan made an introductory presentation on the platform “society”, that is, the larger dependencies and trends with regards to new technologies, data-driven markets, automation and their implications for innovation, politics and policy-challenges.

This was followed by a presentation and discussion by Dr Joakim Wernberg, Research Director of the Megatrends program at the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum: Digital economies and multi-sided platforms.

[1] For more, see

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