Haya van Someren Stichting / VVD Internationaal

Haya van Somerenstichting/VVD International is responsible for the international activities and relations of the Dutch Liberal Party VVD. Haya van Somerenstichting/VVD International is based at the headquarters of the VVD in The Hague, The Netherlands.

The main aim of Haya van Somerenstichting/VVD International is realising, maintaining and enhancing relationships with liberal sister parties and organizations around the globe and actively participating in international liberal networks. One of the priorities is contributing to the capacity building of liberal parties in Eastern Europe, at the Balkans, the Middle East and Northern Africa. The latter is made possible thanks to the MATRA and SHIRAKA programme of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The MATRA and SHIRAKA programmes support countries in Eastern Europe, The Balkans, Middle East and Northern Africa in their transition to a pluralist and democratic society, governed by the rule of law.

Over the past 25 years Haya van Somerenstichting/VVD International has successfully supported liberal political parties abroad, through the deployment of VVD’s best trainers and experts, whom provide trainings in field of communication, volunteer management, coalition building, manifesto drafting and much more.  Haya van Somerenstichting/VVD International works on a demand-driven basis and organises and contributes to over more than 150 programmes a year.

Through capacity building projects Haya van Somerenstichting/VVD International contributes to the emergence of capable, viable and professional liberal (future) politicians and parties. Projects have been successfully implemented in Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Egypt, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Georgia, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Tunisia and Ukraine.

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Address: Mauritskade 21, 2500 GV The Hague, The Netherlands

Phone: + 31 70 36 13 051