Boris Divković Foundation

Boris Divković Foundation (BDF) is founded in 2013 with the aim of improving political situation and practice in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Foundation promotes responsible policy, which will serve all citizens and act on the principles of equality, coexistence and solidarity.

The founder of the BDF was Dino Mustafic, long-time friend of deceased Boris Divkovic. He suggested starting the Foundation in a memory of Boris’s work and dedication to serve as support, education and capacity building of young politicians. Boris Divkovic was first Vice President of Nasa Stranka, and he practiced a different approach in politics – he preferred to combine morality and responsibility to political engagement.  He graduated from Franciscan Monastery, therefore he often combined religion with politics in his work. Even nowadays, the main goals of the BDF work are still:

  • Improvement of political practice in BiH
  • Research
  • Education of socially active young people, regardless of their membership in the party
  • Responsible policy (politics as a responsible act)

Until now, the Foundation has successfully implemented the following projects:

–       Academy of Political Responsibility

–       Capacity Building of Liberal Political Party in B&H

–       Regional Academy for Young Liberals from Western Balkan

–       Initiative 50%

–       Schools in Connections

–       We Grow Together

The vision of Boris Divkovic Foundation has been marked with the desire to have the political activity align with the moral principles, and Boris Divkovic has advocated this idea throughout his entire engagement. The wide dispersal of the opinion that the connection of the moral and politics is impossible is nothing but the consequence of the perennial rule of the irresponsible politics. Boris Divkovic Foundation relies on the assumption that it is possible and necessary to practice and keep ideological decontamination of the term politics publicly, and thus establish the grounds for the involvement of the honest and responsible people in the BH political processes.


Adress: Branilaca Sarajeva 5/1
71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Phone: +387 33 408 887