Fundacja Projekt: Polska

The mission of Fundacja Projekt: Polska is to bring together experts and young leaders to promote public policy solutions for Poland based on the free market, free society, European values and the rule of law. Fundacja Projekt: Polska is a joint initiative between two different groups. The first group consists of business and media people who were in their teenage years shortly after the collapse of Communism and the second consists of young people from Liberal youth and student associations. We think that public life in Poland needs more projects and constructive ways of thinking. Each project has precise aims, costs and profits. Each has a timetable and it is therefore possible to evaluate how successful it has been. A project can only be successful when it is created and implemented by competent people. We want to act as a platform to give young people the chance to professionalise and to prepare – in a politically impartial way – to take part in public life. We also want to give young professionals and business people who entered the labour market since 1989 the chance to get involved in politics and civil society, in turn passing on their skills and knowledge to the next generation. We support and advocate changes in Poland by establishing unique and independent think tanks. The main goal of our foundation is to initiate changes in Poland with the help of professionals, think tanks and projects promoted with the support of our partners. Fundacja Projekt: Polska has created the Państwomiasto, a multidimensional hub in central Warsaw. It is a vibrant coworking space for NGOs and create professionals and a place where members of civil society can develop their projects and present their results. A gallery and café complete the facilities.

Additionally, Fundacja Projekt: Polska invited preeminent Polish experts to join forces in the creation of Centrum Cyfrowe (Digital Centre), offering expertise and know-how on the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to enhance social capital in Poland, civic engagement and public efficiency.



Address: ul. Mińska 25 bud. 74, 03808 Warsaw, Poland
Phone: +48 693 83 18 25